About Us

Our History 

Farming is in our blood.  Both of us have been born and raised on farms in Ohio.  Jim’s family has been farming for over a century at Belle Center.  Sara’s family emigrated to Mercer County in the late 1800′s and cleared the land where she grew up for the family farm.
Both of us share a love of animals.  This love of animals eventually led Sara to The Ohio State School of Veterinary Medicine where she obtained her DVM degree.  After practicing 5 years back home in Mercer County in a mixed animal practice, Sara and Jim married.  Sara continued to work 2 more years until we started our family.  We have 3 children, JC, Emma, and Evan.  Currently Sara works full-time at home raising kids, dogs, and helping on the farm.
Jim has been involved in both animal agriculture and grain crops.  He attended The Ohio State University.  Before completing his degree, he felt the call to return home and farm.  Since then he has raised beef, pigs, corn, soybeans, and wheat.
We want our 3 children to be involved in the care of animals just as we were when we were raised.  In 2006 we decided we were uniquely suited to raise dogs.  Jim has had a Doberman for a farm dog for over 20 years and thinks there is no other worthy breed.  Most were rescued from back yards or the shelter.  Sara has always had mixed breed farm dogs her whole life.  We love the nobleness of the Doberman.  We also like the spunk of the terrier.  Together we launched Patton Farms Kennel and we have whelped our first Doberman litter June 6th, 2008.
We are both driven to do the best we can in all things.  We look foreward to an exciting future with the dogs and the farm.



Our Facilities

Our pets are comfortably housed in an air conditioned and heated kennel. Each dog has its own run with outdoor access and a large enclosed play area. We feed Purina EN as our kennel diet. Our puppies and nursing moms eat Purina Pro Plan Chicken and Rice Formula. A light commercial R.O. water system provides fresh filtered drinking water daily. Puppies are reared in roomy, comfortable whelping pens containing whelping boxes. Once weened, the puppies are moved to puppy pens allowing access to the outdoors. Our animals are loved on daily.